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Demo App - A Walkthrough

Configuration Options

Command Line Arguments

Syntax:	<yourapp>.exe [/console | /c] [/install | /i | /install /start | /i /start] [/username=username] [/password=password] [/accounttype=networkservice] [/startup=manual]

/console or /c Will run the application in Console mode. If console is not provided the application will default to run as a Windows Service. /install or /i Will install the service. This is ignored if /console or /c is provided. /start Will attempt to start the service after it is installed regardless of the startup. This is ignored if /install is NOT provided. /accounttype Sets the account type that the service will run as. Options are: LocalSystem (default), LocalService, NetworkService, and User. (Not case sensitive) /startup Sets the startup mode for the sevice. Options are Manual (default), Automatic, Disabled. Does not start the service after installation.(Not case sensitive) /username Sets the user name that the service will run under. Optional. Only used if /install is provided and /accounttype is user. /password The password for the user the service will run as. Optional. Only used if /install is provided and /accounttype is user. Note: All arguments can be used with either / or – switch or their shortcuts. Argument flags are not case sensitive. Valid Examples: MyApp.exe /c MyApp.exe /console MyApp.exe /i /start /username=myuser /password=password /accounttype=localsystem /startup=automatic MyApp.exe /install -start /username=myuser -password=password /accounttype=localsystem /startup=automatic MyApp.exe /iNsTaLl -stArt /userName=myuser -paSSword=password /accOunTTyPe=localsystem /stArtUp=automatic

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