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Project Description

Atlas is a .NET application framework which allows .NET developers to easily write, run, debug, and deploy Windows Services using a robust configuration model.

Atlas can be configured fluently, or through the app.config. Please refer to the Documentation for more advanced configuration options.

Project Roadmap

NOTE: Breaking changes in Release 1.0.1278

Use Nuget?  - Atlas is also available via NuGet.  it is recommended to use NuGet to get Atlas to ease your upgrade path as new builds are released.

PM> Install-Package Atlas


How do I use Atlas?

Simply implement the interface IAmAHostedProcess

public class MyService : IAmAHostedProcess
    public void Start()
        // start processing

    public void Stop()
        // stop processing

    public void Pause()
        // pause processing

    public void Resume()
        // resume processing


Then configure the Host and start the configuration in your Main() method. Refer to the Documentation for more configuration options.

static void Main(string[] args)
    var configuration = Host.Configure<MyService>().WithArguments(args); // creates configuration with defaults

    // then just start the configuration and away you go

Last, simply run your .exe from the command line with the arguments you desire. Refer to the Documentation for arguments list.

C:\myservice.exe /console

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